Laura Foster


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- Continue fact practice!

- Grouping tens as hundreds

- Exploring 3 digit numbers

- Exploring hundreds, tens, and ones

- Place value to 1,000

- Different ways to show numbers

- Counting on and back by 10's and 100's

- Number Patterns

- Comparing numbers


- Jellies

- Fact and Opinion

- Author's Purpose

- Monitor/Clarify


- Contractions


- verbs


Your child's birthday will be celebrated on the day specified below.  You are welcome to send treats (we currently have 23 kids in our class) but it is not necessary.  Treats must be store bought.  No home made treats will be allowed.  Summer birthdays are worked into the year and are listed on my calendar as un-birthdays.  

2nd - Shaydon

31st - Savannah


Each week your child will be given a spelling list on Thursday and will then be tested the following Wednesday.  Please take some time each evening to have your child practice their words.

This weeks spelling words are...

-s and -es endings

hens, eggs, ducks, bikes, boxes, wishes, dresses, names, bells, stamps, dishes, grapes, jets, frogs

No excuse words

which, their, said, if

Challenge Words

stitches, fences


Spelling - Your child will have a weekly spelling list (above) that will come home each Thursday.  They will be tested on Wednesday of each week.  Please take some time each day to have them practice their words.  Please note, once your child has been tested on a word, it will become a no excuse word, and they will be expected to spell it correctly on all future work.  So if they miss anything, have them continue practicing until they get are able to spell it.

Math - Math homework will usually be given nightly.  

Reading - Your child is required to read an hour per week.


*  Hand Sanitizer

*  Donations for our classroom store, auctions, and raffles.  These can gently used items from home that you no longer want, or inexpensive items you may find as you are out and about shopping.  

*  Bite sized candies

*  Napkins